About Us

Regular Deaf Club

Currently WDS does not have a building, however, we still meet up fortnightly at various locations around Wellington on a Friday night. We also have special events held throughout the year – ones to look forward to are: the Christmas Party, Family Picnic, Wellington Poker Championships, Anniversary celebrations amongst many more. We are always open to ideas for special events – get in touch if you have one!  

Check out our events page for information on upcoming events. If you have an event you think the Wellington Deaf and NZSL community would be interested in, get in touch and we can put it on this website, monthly newsletter and our Facebook page.

We welcome everyone to our Deaf Club and special events – members and non members regardless of whether you are Deaf, hard of hearing, a friend or family member.

The Board of Management

The Board of Management is elected by the members every year at the AGM.  The BOM usually has a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary as well as five committee members.

Our current BOM is:

President: Anton Sammons

Treasurer: Robert Cameron

Secretary: Joanne Becker

Committee: Sonia Pivac

The BOM meets monthly to discuss matters related to the management of WDS. For more information on the make up of WDS please get in touch with us, or refer to our constitution which can be found here.

We also have two staff members working for WDS: Lyneen Allen our Community Coordinator who organises the events and looks for opportunities for the Deaf and NZSL community to come together; and Nicolette Janse Van Vuuren our Newsletter Editor, who puts together the monthly newsletter.

Life Members

We have a number of members that we have awarded the honour of being a life member, due to their commitment to Wellington Deaf Society over a long period of time. Our Life Members are:

Florence McNatty
Janette Smith
Toni Rees
Tony Walton
Kaz Witko
Pam Witko
Maureen Tompson
Robert Cameron
Alex Jones
Tony Kuklinski
Eric Blum

Award Winners


Poker Championship: Amber Shaw

Amazing Race Winners: Leighton, Wenda, Nate and Kerala


Poker Championship: Jared Flitcroft

Toilet Seat of the Year (awarded at the annual Christmas Party to the most popular person/person who has shown dedication to the Deaf Club): Kaz Witko

Amazing Race Winners: Team made up of Jake LaBerge, Craig Becker, Jared Flitcroft and Gabriel LaBerge

Family Picnic:

Tug of War (Men): Cam Ross, Jake LaBerge, Jamie Kuklinski, Eric Blum
Tug of War (Women): Sara Pivac Alexander, Fallon Simchowitz, Pollyanna Ferguson, Theresa Cooper, Shannon Krogmann
Egg and Spoon (Under 5): Dario Alexander, Joey Alexander, Liam Cooper
Egg and Spoon (Over 5): Matthew Janse Van Vuuren, Chloe Janse Van Vuuren, Finn Witko
Egg and Spoon (Women): Katie McMenamin, Theresa Cooper, Fallon Simchowitz
Egg and Spoon (Men): Cameron Ross, Jamie Kuklinski, Kaz Witko


Poker Championship: Jared Flitcroft

Toilet Seat of the Year: Eric Blum

 Wellington Deaf Society is a registered charity. Your support through donations, fundraising and volunteering makes a difference and is greatly appreciated. 

Incorporated Society INC216211 | Registered Charity CC33206