WDS over the years

WDS may have changed over the years (the fashion certainly did), but our spirit still remains the same


104 1938 WDS Founding Members

 WDS Founding Members

102 1940 2nd annual birthday party of WDS

 2nd Anniversary Party - 1940

103 labour weekend picnic Maidstone Park

 Labour Weekend Picnic at Maidstone Park 


109 1953 membership card

The WDS Membership Card in 1953


113 1954 Picnic Ngaire Doherty

Women at Picnic - 1954

114 1950s group members of WDS

Group of WDS Members - 1950s

176 1954 Maideline Park WDS tug ofwar

Tug of War - 1954

1960s - 1970s

First Deaf Basketball Team Wellington versus Auckland teams 1965

First Deaf Basketball Team in 1965:
Wellington Team (On left) O. Rublis, Dz Svikers, N. Rees, G. Rees, B. Rees, F. Cunniffe, and Mr Cunniffe.
Auckland Team (On right) O. Gibbons, K. Gordon, J. Cheyne, A Hartley, J. McRae, T, Gibling

158 1966 group of WDS members

Group of WDS Members - 1964

157 1976 tug of war 2

Tug of War - 1976

156 1976 tug of war

WDS Picnic - 1976

195 1971 Max Howell accepting cheque

Max Howell (left) being presented with a cheque for WDS, in 1971

194 1971 at WCC

Wellington Deaf Society Members at the Wellington City Council in 1971. 2nd from left is Sir Francis Kitts (Mayor); 3rd from left is Max Howell (WDS President); 4th and 5th from left are Doreen Howell, and Lilian Walton (Liaison Officer)

112 Sir Francis Kitts and Anthony the Deaf Sport Man of the year

Tony Walton (on right) being presented with Sportsperson of the year by Sir Francis Kitt in 1969